Why do research calls take lotsa time?

Occasionally research requests have been taking a bit longer than one would think they should.  It’s part of using the API feed from eBay.  The CL data is lightning fast, but the query time, at times, for the other data is in the 5-15 seconds.  That’s the difference between spending $1k (like we did) for the API or $10k’s  for the data dump.

It’s free, and there is a caching layer in the service.  So higher demand calls are definitely returned faster.

While it doesn’t solve the problem, I hope this helps clear up why it happens.



One Response to “Why do research calls take lotsa time?”

  1. Assaf Says:


    I don’t understand something, Craigslist terms of use forbid searching their data or deriving any statistical information out of it. Oodle.com got into a big trouble over this in the past due toa lawsuit from Craigslist.

    directly from their terms of use:
    “Additionally, you agree not to:

    u) use automated means, including spiders, robots, crawlers, data mining
    tools, or the like to download data from the Service – unless expressly
    permitted by craigslist;

    So where does your statistical data come from? why is it reliable if it doesn’t come directly from Craigslist?


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