OK! I’m giving WipBox WAY more attention!

Yesterday and today have been INSANE!!!  45,000+ page views and 3,000 new users in the last 2 days.

There will be a moderate update happening tomorrow night with some solid bugs/usability fixes.  Also there will be a tutorial on what  the graphs do and how to use them best.  I’ve also wrangled  some resources to help get BIGGER releases done to and make it way more usable and friendly.

Please keep sending in bugs, though. I’ve been putting them into the bug tracker and have all of them slated to be addressed as soon as possible.

Also, please be patient.  I originally created this for myself to use in less than a month.  For me it works great.  But, it’s becoming VERY clear that, as more people have been signing up, I’m finding  things need to be made more usable.



2 Responses to “OK! I’m giving WipBox WAY more attention!”

  1. Jj Says:

    Way to GO!! Keep on Keepin’ on!!

    How much are you going to offer template pushes for? $0.10??

    It looks like it’s going to be a VERY interesting year!!

  2. Neil Says:

    OK, so how do you archive your searches, or is that still in dev?

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