PHP for WAMP sucks! IIS is the devil!

So I apologize for the nonsense that’s been happening when users tried to sign up and/or tried to log in the first couple days. The issue seems to stem from crankiness within IIS and it’s lack of affinity for PHP. First I was using ‘/’ (better known as leading slashes) for my redirects through the header and then there seemed to be an issue with registering session variables before trying to transfer users to their logged in home screen. Mutually exclusive issues, but equally PITAs (pains in the ass).

In BOTH cases it appears that it was crashing IIS altogether and some people may not have even been able to get to the signup and login page.  Uggh!

They should be good to go now and everyone can continue with not having to refresh after they log in. Uggh. Just works without ANY of this nonsense in Apache. IIS blows.


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